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Data Manipulation is Simplified with the Report Specifications Builder


Report Specifications is a straightforward point-and-click expression builder offering a consistent user interface to create and refine report content. Using the dialog box and associated tabs you can refine the body of the report to establish:

  • How the data is sorted
  • How the data is summarized
  • Run time parameters
  • The selection criteria applied to the data
  • The conditions to be used in calculations or printing
  • Calculated workfields
  • Where page breaks occur
  • Building conditions, selections and calculations

Extensions to the Report Specifications builder include Condition, Selection and Calculation builders to simplify expression creation. Using buttons to indicate mathematic, field/function selection, parenthesis, arithmetic or character string operations, expressions can even be constructed with the click of a mouse button. Jacana intuitively prompts each stage of the expression pointing out any inconsistencies that require correction.



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With Jacana iSeries report development is easier than ever...
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