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With Report Layout, Reports are Formatted Exactly to your Requirements
Jacana’s WYSIWYG Report Layout can be used to build from scratch a report design exactly matching your requirements. Tailoring covers all aspects of report presentation including detail or summary format, properties and attributes for individual lines and/or fields.



Easily add fields to the report layout by dragging them from the DataCrafter ... an outline of the field will appear as you position it in the layout. Use of the right mouse button further speeds up design, allowing you to optionally add the label, heading and/or totals associated with the field at the same time. Change field and line characteristics with a single mouse click ... space before, space after, bold or underline. Implement standard report templates to specify default heading and footer lines to consistently position commonly used fields such as user name, report title, page number, date and time of report production or whatever you need.


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With Jacana iSeries report development is easier than ever...
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