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Managing the Fields with the DataCrafter Jacana

Taking advantage of OPEN/DB's Information Interface, Jacana simply presents a list of fields that you have authority to use. Technical know-how about the database, its structure, files or keys and specific skills to perform complex data manipulation are no longer needed. Jacana’s DataCrafter allows you to filter, select and view the available fields. If you have access to a large number of fields you can create a more manageable working list of fields at any time.



The DataCrafter provides a range of facilities and services to make the task at hand easier.

  • QuickFilters to help you choose the fields you need
  • Maintains separate views of summary, condition, calculated fields and fields used for selections or run time parameters
  • Manages the inclusion / creation of new report fields
  • Provides immediate access to the properties and source of any fields



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With Jacana iSeries report development is easier than ever...
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