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What is the JuMPZone? 

The JuMPZone is a new area of available FREE to all users of our products. The JuMPZone offers useful tips, training and demonstrations of best practice using our products. 


Just go to 


What are JuMPs?

JuMPs (Jacana Multimedia Presentations) are audiovisual presentations that cover both product use and provide refresher / induction product training. JuMPs can be streamed from our web site or downloaded to your desktop to run at your convenience. 


Why the JuMPZone? 

The availability and ease of access to this content provides you and your colleagues with free training, leading to improved product use, proficiency and productivity in your organization. The range of sessions and content will continue to expand over coming months. 


What if the JuMPZone doesn't cover a topic that you are interested in? 

Please tell us! We would be delighted to receive your feedback and suggestions for future JuMPs. This area is for you - your comments will help us to make changes and prioritize our continued expansion of the JuMPZone. We will always acknowledge your requests and look for ways in which we can help out immediately. 


So what will you find in the JuMPZone? 


JuMPs presenting:

  • Our products

  • New releases

  • New products

  • Tips and Techniques

  • Training 

Together with supporting materials:

  • Relevant FAQs

  • User documentation

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