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If you already have adequate information systems then you probably would not be visiting this web page. 

  • Is current reporting in System21 too limiting or too difficult to use?

  • Are you still working with data from reports rather than analyzing information at your desktop?

  • Are full blown BI solutions too expensive and beyond your budget?

  • Has improving information access and decision making become a priority?

With inTuator, we can help deliver an intuitive, affordable and pragmatic information analysis solution that will address the majority of your requirements. inTuator is an amazingly cost effective solution to efficiently and easily access, retrieve and present complex iSeries data as dynamic, interactive information tables and charts in a formatted, branded Web page.


 System21 Financials

In these difficult times, keeping on top of financial information has never been so important. And implementing inTuator with System21 Financials has never been easier and more cost effective!

Included with inTuator are the inSets (data mapping) and a selection of Views (on screen reports) specially designed for System21 Financials to quick-start your implementation. The data mapping can be quickly extended to include data elements unique to your business and ‘working with’ and fine tuning the Views is a breeze. Information can truly be at your fingertips in a matter of days!

Here are some sample views:

General Ledger

GL Balances by ledger type
GL Budgets v Actual Balances in different formats
GL Postings for all Sessions in a specified period
GL Postings for Specific Transaction Types, including Session information

Purchase Ledger

Aged Creditors by period or by week
Logged, Open and Closed invoices by Supplier with Session number
Unpaid Invoices with GL details

Sales Ledger

Aged Debtors by due date or tax point date 
Link to Customer details and comments

VAT Reconciliation

No one enjoys completing the VAT Return. Using inTuator you can speed up the reconciliation process, overcoming issues with System21 and VAT periods.

VAT Reconciliation summary and VAT Reconciliation non balancing items


In summary, inTuator can improve your cash flow management; provide additional reporting and snapshots of the business for management; and reduce the time taken to complete regulatory and internal reporting tasks. And it’s affordable.

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We want you to be satisfied that inTuator is the solution for you. We will even undertake a ‘proof of concept’ on your system at ‘no charge’!

See inTuator working with your data and delivering results, without obligation.


Put your business under the microscope

Extend the use of inTuator to bring together sales, procurement, inventory and financial information.

  • Identify top / bottom performing products

  • Monitor the most profitable / unprofitable customers

  • Assess sales trends, margins and variances year-on-year, by quarter, by month, etc.

  • Do you know which products represent your fast / slow moving lines?

  • Monitor inventory levels - restocking procedures may need changing?

  • Evaluate trends, seasonality, sales peaks to help decide when to carry out promotions and release new products 

  • Manage losses more effectively through better analysis of markdowns, returns and natural wastage 

  • Compare sales rep and territory performances

  • Identify your best selling products

  • Improve your understanding of what individual depots need for stocks and restocks?

  • Could increased visibility and instant access to your procurement data enhance managing key indicators of order lead times, order accuracy, best value and procurement costs?

  • By monitoring inventory levels, order fulfilment rates and restocking procedures could you reduce inventory costs?

  • Do you know enough about your logistics operations to measure delivery efficiency, costs, vehicle utilization and delivery lead times?

  • Monitor your suppliers for quality, timeliness and price

Getting the right information, at the right time, into the right hands in the right form has never been more important. In today's challenging environment it is essential for not only monitoring and analyzing critical business performance measures, but informed decision-making relies upon it!

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We say inTuator is affordable and we believe that our approach will deliver true value to all companies working with us. 

The cost will largely depend on the scope of the implementation and data mapping undertaken to address your requirements.

Our pricing starts from £7,500 … and increases according to the number of inSets / business areas you wish to access. We will also tailor the base interface to cater for your specific implementation and local modifications of the System21 modules. This means that you could be up and running with the Financials business area for less than £8,000 

There's no seat pricing and no tier pricing. The inTuator license applies to the iSeries machine.

Ongoing support is charged at 20% of the license fee and includes:

  • All new software releases 

  • Access to all on-line training 

  • Modifications to your inSets / business areas to add new data elements

  • An on request inTuator Healthcheck to ensure you are using our product to best advantage 

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