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January 17th, 2005

JacanaForms Special Offer for 2005

JacanaForms cuts costs at a stroke and with the new low price you'll see a ROI in months!


May 1st, 2003

JacanaForms and ValetMiner available from Momentum only - Effective May 1st, 2003

Momentum will market and support JacanaForms and ValetMiner independently of the MAPICS channel programs. MAPICS will continue to sell licenses and support existing users of JacanaForms and ValetMiner signed pre- May 1st, 2003. Questions concerning this change of licensing arrangement can be directed to momentum@jacana.com 


February 27th, 2003

Momentum announces inTuator

A fresh, innovative, vibrant and affordable approach to solving the technical challenges of delivering information analysis capabilities to iSeries-400 users. inTuator is MAPICS-ready as a plug’n play solution today!


December 2002

Release 8.0 PR

Archive of Jacana eNews

Check the Jacana eNews Archive for any back issues you may have missed or to check back for any tips, FAQs, contact details etc.


July 18th, 2002

New IWP Presentation and Demo

New Audio Visual Presentation of IWP

A new self-running audio visual presentation is available that provides an overview of IWP functions and a demonstration of some of its features.


July 18th, 2002

New JacanaForms NetConference

An archive of the JacanaForms NetConference held in June is available for download click here for further details


April 22nd, 2002

Click here to visit the JuMPZone

New JuMPZone initiative lands! This is a new area of the web site providing audio visual presentation with tips on various features and functions in our products, training sessions and access to other useful information. JuMPs (Jacana Multimedia Presentations) can be streamed from our web site or downloaded to the desktop. The objective of the JuMPZone is to improve user proficiency, productivity and knowledge in our products. There’s no charge, just register at www.jacana.com/jumpzone.


April 16th, 2002

New EPDM Subset

Announced at the 2002 IUC an EPDM subset has been developed and is available from The Oakdene Group. The EPDM subset and accompanying reports are provided to IWP users at no charge. Click here for details


March 31st, 2002


Momentum leverages latest WebEx technology for demonstration, support and service delivery. Momentum is using WebEx conferencing facilities extensively to deliver demonstration, support, services and training. Our one-on-one sessions are proving popular with customers because they are productive and cost effective. Interested in how this could benefit your company? Ask us Click here.


March 4th, 2002

IUC 2002

Momentum will be exhibiting at the MAPICS International User Conference in Orlando, Florida from May 5th-8th 2002.


November 21st, 2001

New report and output samples

New report and e-form output samples have been added showing just what is possible with IWP and JacanaForms.




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