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Why JacanaForms?

ROI - Pre-printed stationery no longer makes economic business sense in a fast changing and competitive world --- operating costs, obsolescence, output quality, change of ownership / telephone / location are all factors that make e-forms desirable.

Deploying e-form technology can revolutionise your thinking about what is sent to a customer or used internally for management reporting bringing more sophistication to output presentation and delivery strategies. 

JacanaForms' e-forms technology provides a single, manageable and flexible solution employing advanced printer technology to overcome the typical output issues associated with pre-printed stationery; replacing slow impact printers; increasing volumes; addressing poor quality output; and eliminating printer jams and badly aligned forms problems. 

Providing a common platform for a multiple-location and multiple-entity operational environment it can tackle the more complex scenarios involving different forms for different legal entities operating in different cities or countries, across WANs or LANs, with local or remote printing needs, and from several applications in addition to XA!

      Why JacanaForms?
      What's on the CD?



  Why Jacana Forms?
  What's on the CD?
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