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What's on the CD?

The JacanaForms solution comprises the following integrated components:

  • JacanaForms ‘plug in’ to Info WorkPlace provides the unique interface allowing use of data extracted by Info WorkPlace in the design of e-forms
  • Design offers WYSIWYG graphical design for creating e-forms
  • Visual Transformation Editor tool enables e-forms to be mapped to heritage report output
  • PrepP for iSeries-400 service provides automatic polling of iSeries output queues to identify spool files for processing by JacanaForms
  • PrepP for 29T service operating on the NT server scans for new print tasks by automatically polling specified iSeries folders to pick up spool files delivered by PrepP for iSeries-400 and passing them to Central or other predetermined destinations.
  • Central performs automatic merging of data with e-form design to produce laser quality printing together with overseeing the intricacies of involved with administering unattended print management.
  • Infor Advantage - Predefined form templates over standard Infor XA allows users to get up and running quickly and easily.

      Why JacanaForms?
      What's on the CD?


  Why JacanaForms?
  What's on the CD?
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Infor Advantage
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