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Infor Advantage with JacanaForms

There are a number of important advantages inherent in the JacanaForms solution: 

  • Predefined form templates over standard Infor allows users to get up and running quickly and easily including:
    - Invoice
    - Customer acknowledgement
    - Customer Quote
    - Bill of Lading
    - Packing List
    - Debit Memo
    - Purchase order
    - IFM Vendor Checks
    - AM AP Checks
    - AM AR Statements

    This list continues to grow. Importantly, the templates are available in 'overlay' and 'transformation' mode and are checked for compatibility with each new release of XA.

  • JacanaForms uniquely integrates with Info WorkPlace. For IWP sites, this can be a major benefit as it simplifies creation of new outputs with IWP using a special 'plug in' interface to JacanaForms Design to provide added presentation quality. 

    This combination can be very powerful: 

    - You don't need to know data lengths and attributes as these are already contained in the IWP data subsets

    - You can massage the data before it is merged with the form e.g. changing sorting and selection, creating work fields and totals, changing field length and edit code, conditioning the data extraction. This approach can in turn help in the more sophisticated area of dynamic sub forms where output is conditioned by the data e.g. printing exception fields in color, printing lines in different fonts or languages, outputting differently formatted sections in the form etc.

  • If the data is already present in an existing output NO changes are needed to the 'core' XA application. Where new fields are required an alternative to amending 'core' code or using SQL access as required in other e-form solutions is to use IWP. 

  • JacanaForms comes with special 'service' program suites on the iSeries and NT to ensure seamless operation and management of the data extraction process on the iSeries through data / form merge on the NT to printer output. Manual intervention is only required should a JacanaForms report processing or printer hardware problem arise.




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