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JacanaForms a multitude of features and capabilities:

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG forms drawing tool - no programming required to create forms. Easy and inexpensive to maintain using existing staff
  • Extensive forms processing capabilities - high quality professional forms output exceeding comparable pre-printed forms - (graphics, bar codes, logos, watermarks, rotated text, multi-part forms)
  • Manages Bar codes - print bar codes on any supported printer no special hardware required
  • Intelligent dynamic forms to create market-focused, personalized messages on customer documents
  • Seamlessly manages the whole process of extracting information, merging it with the associated form design and outputting to printer or other delivery system
  • Simultaneous production of output in multiple formats in print, PDF and HTML with interfaces available to email, web and fax systems
  • Provides personalized messages in output documents conditioned dynamically based on the data in the document
  • The look and feel of each document can be dynamically controlled by the data - for example, automatically allocates space on an invoice to exactly accommodate the number of line items - saving paper and improving the appearance of printed documents
  • Accepts a single plain ASCII data stream enabling simultaneous output of several types of document in multiple formats from a single data stream e.g. invoice and packing list and credit memo
  • Flexible printing options to customize and print documents locally at remote plants or subsidiaries using different logos, terms and conditions without impacting application development
  • Data streams sent across the network contain only data, no formatting thereby reducing network traffic
  • Forms and logos are stored on the server to reduce the amount of data transferred across the network
  • Print drivers are 3-5 faster than operating system print drivers for fast forms printing
  • Supports printer features such as duplexing, color printing, tray selection, flash RAM to leverage existing hardware and reduce network traffic
  • Uniquely integrates with Info WorkPlace report writer to enable fast creation of new outputs for use with e-forms

      Why JacanaForms?
      What's on the CD?


  Why JacanaForms?
  What's on the CD?
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