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JacanaForms offers clear-cut benefits for the business:

  • ROI within months from replacing pre-printed stationery and all the associated costs, with example results such as:
      -  reduction in form inventories by 85%
      -  60% decrease in time spent on designing forms
      -  reduction of form obsolescence by 85%
      -  60% reduction in inventory storage space
      -  95% decrease in effort spent attending printer related problems such as paper jams or form alignment
  • Quick to implement changes in layout ongoing maintenance is so easy
  • Takes advantage of sophisticated laser printing
  • Single application data stream can deliver output in different locations simultaneously in different formats
  • Forms are never missing
  • Improves presentation of both internal management and external customer reporting

      Why JacanaForms?
      What's on the CD?



  Why JacanaForms?
  What's on the CD?
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