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Infor Advantage with Info WorkPlace

Understanding the data in Infor XA is an important aspect of using Info WorkPlace productively. Data subsets are, therefore, an important feature of IWP as they store knowledge of the content, structure and inter-relationships of the files in the Infor XA  databases. This means that critical information is automatically available to the report designer, without needing to know the technical intricacies of the Infor XA database design or file structure.

Infor XA data subsets are delivered as standard with IWP for Release 3 and above. These data subsets are designed to enhance access to Infor XA data and include sample reports. 

While the standard data subsets do not cover every area of Infor they do cover a wide variety of business areas and include:

  • Item Planning and Order Information (IM, MRP, MPSP, COM, PUR)
  • Engineering (PDM)
  • Manufacturing Order Information (IM, PCC)
  • Buyer Purchased Item Profile (IM, PUR)
  • Customer Order Information (COM)
  • Shipped Order History (COM)
  • Inventory Transaction History (IM)
  • Financial Transactions (IFM) 

For the majority of customers these standard subsets have provided a valuable starting point and for many have proved sufficient for their requirements. 

Details of these subsets can be found in the following documents: 

  • Subsets / Reports - General Manual
  • Subsets / Reports - IFM Manual
  • Subsets / Reports - Boardroom Reporting Manual

PDF versions of these documents can be downloaded from the 'More Information' page on this site.

However, Momentum continues to look for ways of expanding the subsets available. 

AM Financials subsets and EPDM Subset are available direct from Momentum. 


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Subsets / IWP reports

If you have developed additional subsets and/or IWP reports that might be suitable for other Infor users please let us know. We are interested in packaging and distributing subsets and reports. Contact:


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