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Jacana offers the leading intuitive Windows report design tool for iSeries users:

  • On-line or off-line end user report development and maintenance, minimizing iSeries resource requirements
  • Advanced click here for sample screen WYSIWYG report design and data manipulation capabilities - without the need for technical or programming skills
  • Use of a familiar Windows environment - with Windows 95/98/00 and Windows NT compatibility
  • Use of Info WorkPlace’s Information Interface ensures field understanding and selection is made easy
  • Step-by-step report creation and formatting with Report Wizards to make life easier for the report designer
  • Field management simplified with the Data Crafter
  • Data manipulation (sorting, selection, calculations, totalling, page skipping, new work fields, conditions) made straightforward with the click here for sample screen Specifications Builder

Valet offers the capability to streamline Info WorkPlace reporting activity on the user’s PC desktop:

  • Valet’s reporting environment can be set-up and modified off-line
  • Automate report requests
  • Enter report click here for sample screen select/omit rules and other report run details
  • Simplify access to frequently used reports
  • click here for sample screenOrganize shortcuts - create icons for fast identification and click-on activation of report production of a single or a suite of reports ... ideal for periodic reporting
  • Launch other PC applications using output of interactively run reports started from Valet
  • Display output of interactively run reports

      What's on the CD?


  What's on the CD?
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