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EPDM (Engineering Product Data Management) Subset

An EPDM subset has been developed and is available from Momentum Utilities.

The EPDM subset and accompanying reports are provided to IWP users at no charge.

Infor XA EPDM (Engineering Product Data Management)

EPDM1: EPDM Subset based on Item Process 
Enables retrieval of critical Item Process information for analysis and daily decision-making, linking product definition information contained in the multi-site Bill of Materials, Routing and Item Revision files. To allow timely analysis of the impact of a proposed item change links to customer order, purchase order, manufacturing order and item balance information are included. 

Reports included: 

EPDMSAM1: The report contains a list of the item process definitions and all open orders and item balance information for a selected part number. 

EPDMSAM2: The report contains an item process history including item, bill of materials and routing information for each item revision for a selected part number. 

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Subsets / IWP reports

If you have developed additional subsets and/or IWP reports that might be suitable for other Infor users please let us know. We are interested in packaging and distributing subsets and reports. Contact:


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