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Info WorkPlace offers clear-cut benefits for the business:

  • ROI - report development costs and ongoing maintenance are slashed
  • Reporting backlogs melt away
  • User and IS tool - for simple and advanced reporting
  • Produces new reporting fast - enabling business reporting outputs to adapt to change
  • Addresses different requirements - detailed, summary, matrix reporting - printed, PC applications file, iSeries file, HTML, XML outputs
  • No MIS / IS imposed constraints on deadlines and staff availability

The Info WorkPlace approach ensures:

  • File linking / joining is done correctly with no user created resource crippling joins
  • Infor delivered data subsets reduces effort in defining key Infor applications’ database areas
  • Efficient processing / selection - RPG compiled programs used
  • Audit needs are met since all reports are self-documented
  • Report run times and usage are monitored and measured
  • IWP use can be extended across other non-Infor iSeries applications
  • Descriptions of fields appear in user friendly terms - masking any Infor terminology to present a formidable database in a meaningful and useable format
  • No SQL to learn
  • No reliance on ODBC
  • Macros / extra logic simplifies conversion, selection, sorting and presentation tasks e.g. dates and amounts
  • Derived fields ensure consistency of data across all reporting

      What's on the CD?


  What's on the CD?
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