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JacanaForms - special offer for Infor customers

US $8,000!

JacanaForms is the Infor ready e-forms application for ERP for i-Series --- comprehensive, efficient, cost effective, flexible and professional electronic forms output.

JacanaForms cuts costs at a stroke --- the JacanaForms price has been reduced for Infor customers making JacanaForms unbelievable value. There's no time like the present to make a decision to implement JacanaForms -- a truly comprehensive e-form solution embracing all the functionality Infor customers need at a single price. It comes with a range of standard Infor templates to speed up implementation too. For more details on this outstanding offer contact momentum@jacana.com

Why choose JacanaForms? 

Easily justified ---one Infor user's experience

 "The overlay solutions worked best for us as they were very easy to implement. The only modifications needed were adding our own logo and address box and changing some wording in the column headings." Business Analyst, Arlene Merritt, Lovejoy Inc. 

Lovejoy is currently using JacanaForms to produce quotations and invoices, printing approximately 250 invoices and 30 quotes per day. These two forms have been developed with variations in logos and addresses, depending on the company involved. "With JacanaForms, modifications are easy to make, and we don't have to worry about finishing the current inventory of pre-printed stationery before we can make a change. We are already saving $8,000 annually on pre-printed forms just by changing over our invoices and quotes. Eliminating the need to reload forms on the printer, which used to be necessary on average 3 times each day, has also been a great advantage, freeing up staff for more important tasks."

The benefits and ROI from implementing JacanaForms are simple: 

  • Cost savings - reduce capital expenditure on pre-printed forms, checks, label inventory, buy fewer forms, reduce obsolescence, cut forms design expense and introduce lower operating costs of laser printers 

  • Competitive advantages - refine presentation, improve customer service, add messages or special offers simply and no longer be constrained by the old pre-printed stationery approach.

  • Productivity - changes can be made quickly 'in house'. 

  • Improved presentation quality applied to existing internal management as well as external customer reporting 

  • Distribution flexibility achieved with multiple output formats supported, suitable for print, Web, e-mail, fax and archive 

Everything you need, more than you expect - a comprehensive solution all in one bundle: 

  • Replaces all pre-printed stationery - invoices, POs, statements, customs documentation 

  • Produces checks / MICR 

  • Creates labels or bar codes (even custom ones) 

  • Outputs as HTML or PDF - for web viewing, emailing or archiving 

  • Interfaces to email or fax systems 

  • Geared for Infor - form samples included 

Form design - so advanced, but so simple:

  • Any form, any printer, any printer feature

  • Handles multi-part forms 

  • Optimized printer drivers 

  • Graphic formats - PCX, TIFF, WMF, postscript, BMP, GIF 

  • Watermarks, logos, rotated text, fonts, shading, grids 

  • Lines, boxes, arcs, and circles 

  • Inline text control - enables control over the appearance of data (font type, font size, bold, underline, color, italics, superscript characteristics)

  • Dynamic page conditioning 

Practically runs itself -- advanced handling of data: 

  • Interfaces to Info WorkPlace for new outputs / adding fields - reduced customization of spool output 

  • Seamless management of the data - form - print/output process 

  • Print anywhere in multiple formats 

  • Output is dynamically controlled by data 

  • Local or remote printing 

  • Intelligent pagination control - maximum control over the flow of information from page to page 

  • 'Transformation' as well as overlay

Want to know more or organize a WebEx demonstration then contact: momentum@jacana.com 



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