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JacanaForms - special offer for Infor customers

US $8,000!

JacanaForms is the Infor certified e-forms application for ERP for i-Series --- comprehensive, efficient, cost effective, flexible and professional electronic forms output.

JacanaForms cuts costs at a stroke --- the JacanaForms price has been reduced for Infor customers making JacanaForms unbelievable value. There's no time like the present to make a decision to implement JacanaForms -- a truly comprehensive e-form solution embracing all the functionality Infor customers need at a single price. It comes with a range of standard Infor templates to speed up implementation too. For more details on this outstanding offer contact momentum@jacana.com

Why choose JacanaForms? 

The benefits and ROI from implementing JacanaForms are simple: 

  • Cost savings - reduce capital expenditure on pre-printed forms, checks, label inventory, buy fewer forms, reduce obsolescence, cut forms design expense and introduce lower operating costs of laser printers 

  • Competitive advantages - refine presentation, improve customer service, add messages or special offers simply and no longer be constrained by the old pre-printed stationery approach.

  • Productivity - changes can be made quickly 'in house'. 

  • Improved presentation quality applied to existing internal management as well as external customer reporting 

  • Distribution flexibility achieved with multiple output formats supported, suitable for print, Web, e-mail, fax and archive 

Everything you need, more than you expect - a comprehensive solution all in one bundle: 

  • Replaces all pre-printed stationery - invoices, POs, statements, customs documentation 

  • Produces checks / MICR 

  • Creates labels or bar codes (even custom ones) 

  • Outputs as HTML or PDF - for web viewing, emailing or archiving 

  • Interfaces to email or fax systems 

  • Geared for Infor - form samples included 

Form design - so advanced, but so simple:

  • Any form, any printer, any printer feature

  • Handles multi-part forms 

  • Optimized printer drivers 

  • Graphic formats - PCX, TIFF, WMF, postscript, BMP, GIF 

  • Watermarks, logos, rotated text, fonts, shading, grids 

  • Lines, boxes, arcs, and circles 

  • Inline text control - enables control over the appearance of data (font type, font size, bold, underline, color, italics, superscript characteristics)

  • Dynamic page conditioning 

Practically runs itself -- advanced handling of data: 

  • Interfaces to Info WorkPlace for new outputs / adding fields - reduced customization of spool output 

  • Seamless management of the data - form - print/output process 

  • Print anywhere in multiple formats 

  • Output is dynamically controlled by data 

  • Local or remote printing 

  • Intelligent pagination control - maximum control over the flow of information from page to page 

  • 'Transformation' as well as overlay

Further information on JacanaForms.

Want to know more or organize a WebEx demonstration then contact: momentum@jacana.com 



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