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FAQ - Why must I force the Product Counter to "Always print"?

Just like any other field, a total is assigned to a Data Group. A Total field is placed into the same group as the sort control field of the total - not the field it is totalling. So, while the product counter itself is in group G02, its total at change of warehouse ID is in Group G01 along with the Warehouse ID field. 

On a "DETAIL" type print line, Jacana will automatically suppress repeated printing of values from a hierarchically superior data group when the print line includes a field from a subordinate group. In this case, the print line belongs to group G02 (because it contains the Product Number field). However, the running total belongs to group G01 (because its sort control field is the Warehouse ID from group G01). 

Jacana's auto-suppression will prevent the G01 running total from printing on subsequent G02 lines. While normally, we would want this behaviour, in the case of a running total we want the printing to be repeated on every line. The "Always print" feature provides this outcome.

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